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Case: Platinum,Round
Case diameter : 44.50 mm
Thickness : 15.20 mm
Dial: Blue
Movement: Manual Winding
FUNCTIONS: Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Power Reserve,Tourbillon
BUCKLE: Pin Buckle
GLASS: Sapphire
STRAP: Alligator


Greubel Forsey QPà equation with gold dial

Explore the tourbillon and raise it on all sides afterwards (by adding a tilt to the cage, by using not one but 2 or even four of them or by changing the usual one-minute rotation for a quick 24 second period), Greubel Forsey focuses on mechanical creativity in different things... The choice is to bring a new perspective to the traditional complication Perpetual Calendar. Greubel Forsey QPàEquation was launched in 2015 and now receives a new enamel gold dial.

As early as 2015, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey believed that the company should move in a new direction and explore the complex issues of clocks other than the logo tourbillon. Although there is already a complicated GMT watch in their catalogue, the choice is to look at what best represents the timeless calendar of Haute Horlogerie. The complex but very famous question is: How to redefine, how to reshape one of the most widely used functions of HH? Greubel Forsey QPà Equation is a permanent calendar with a time equation that stands for Greubel, which means it is more than just a 'simple' QP.

For dialing, all calendar instructions for the Greubel Forsey QPàEquation are located in 4 small areas, displayed by 3 apertures - one for the day, one for the date, and one for the month. Clear and intuitive display can be seen as simple, but in fact, this is the seventh invention of Greubel Forsey, namely "Computer Mecanique". It is a mechanical brain under the circular region containing these indications (and also visible on the back in the equation of time). This subassembly comprises 25 components, which are mainly composed of rotating coaxial code elements, the arrangement of which is supplemented by a system of programmable moveable parts. Each element generates its own indication in a loop pre-programmed way, depending on its geometry and rotation speed. In the context of the QP equation, the mechanical computer is programmed to automatically display all indications of the perpetual calendar until the time equations: season, sub-point, nadir, time equation and date, date, month, and four-digit year.luxuy cheap Richard Mille RM 027 Watches

Another major improvement involves the adjustment of these calendar instructions. As we all know, traditional QPs are sensitive mechanisms that can easily be destroyed or blocked if they are misadjusted. On the Greubel Forsey QPàEquation, all instructions can be adjusted forward and backward through the crown at any time of the day (meaning that the strap has no unsightly or recessed buttons). Finally, like Greubel Forsey, QPàEquation's movement is completed and decorated in a perfect way - this is undoubtedly one of the finest decorations in the industry.

The rest of the movement cannot be left behind because the adjustment is done by a 24-second tilting tourbillon (25° angle and the fast rotation of the tourbillon cage significantly improves the timing performance) and the power reserve is 72 hours. Like Greubel Forsey, the display of this QPàEquation “explodes” in some way: the center hour and minute, the small seconds below the tourbillon, the calendar display is 4, the leap year is 6, the power reserve is 2 and 24 day and night small Small dish next to time). There are more signs of movement: time equations (two sapphire crystal discs driven by a mechanical computer that rotate independently to show time differences because it changes throughout the year) and years, with four-digit display .

In 2017, Greubel Forsey QPàEquation got a new look with a gold-tone dial (except anthracite version). The case is the same as platinum, with a diameter of 43.5 mm and a height of 16 mm. This new twilight version of the Greubel Forsey QPà equation should be identical to the previous anthracite model.FREE Shopping this store

Technical Specifications - GREUBEL FORSEY QPÀ equation
Case: diameter 43.5mm x height 16mm - 18k white gold, polished and brushed - sapphire crystal glass on both sides - 30m waterproof depth
Movement: Self-made movement - Manual winding - 624 components - Tourbillon 24 seconds tilt, frequency 3Hz - 72 hours power reserve, 2 barrels - 75 rubies
Display: hours, minutes, small seconds, power reserve, QP and date, date, month, leap year, day/night indication, indication of selected function, time equation, 4 digit year
Strap: Black crocodile leather with 18k white gold folding clasp



Baselworld 2017 - Greubel Forsey Balancier

Although Grebuel Forsey also exhibited their creation of the innovative Grand Sonnerie at SIHH, they also launched a new watch during Baselworld in 2017. This is very important for small super high-end companies like Greubel Forsey! With their latest creation, Greubel Forsey Balancier, they have enhanced watchmaking in the purest form and applied stunning finishing. This time there is no double tourbillon or quadruple tourbillon, no fancy complications, just a pure expression of classical movement, decorated in the best way you can imagine.

Unlike the rest of the brand's work, the Greubel Forsey Balancier does not have complications - except for the power reserve indicator. Instead, it will focus on basic elements and use Greubel Forsey's radical and innovative methods to reinterpret it. The result is the purest form of art. As its name implies, Balancier celebrates the heart of the watch beat. A huge majestic balance wheel is on the dial side panorama under a super bridge. Its swinging spectacle on levers and escape wheels is fascinating.Sale cheap Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watches

This balance was entirely developed and manufactured at Greubel Forsey Atelier. It has a diameter of 12.60 mm and it has 6 gold adjustment screws. Its design provides excellent aerodynamics. It oscillates 21'600 times per hour with a Philips terminal curve and a Geneva-style stud. Stopping the balance allows precise adjustments.

Although the appearance may seem relatively simple, we can be sure that we can be sure that the careful study of the new “Balancier” is that we are trading with manufacturers of Greubel Forsey, both their watchmakers and craftsmen. gold hand. The accomplishment of the sport is indeed spectacular and it is produced in a rare level.

The exquisite brilliance of the Balance Bridge is the result of meticulous professional craftsmanship. Different surfaces (whether round or flat) and screws are polished to achieve a uniform luster without any defects. Each angle is perfectly chamfered. Grooves are treated the same way.

In the distinctive Greubel Forsey style, large nickel-silver bridges are frosted and embellished. They are nickel palladium finished. The outline of the contour is very fine.Discount cheap Tonino Lamborghini watches

Arrow-shaped hands are carefully polished and blanched. On the golden hour ring of the skeleton movement, the sign is shifted at 2 o'clock in a symmetrical manner. The power reserve indication (72 hours) is displayed by the golden application sector counter, while the small seconds display is attributed to the gold counter ring.

On the back of the watch, the main board is engraved with bas-relief text - this is another Greubel Forsey signature feature that really is a nice touch! The chatons with two jewels are magnificent.

As Greubel-Forsey often sees, this situation is asymmetric, and it provides additional space to accommodate large balances. A window is integrated into the strap to allow extra light to enter the balance wheel. This is a satin finished polished bezel and lugs. The case contour and the lug curve are very harmonious.

Technical Specifications - Greubel Forsey Balancier

Case: 43.5 mm x 13.94 mm - White gold case - Sapphire crystal - Side window with sapphire crystal mirror - Gold anti-theft screw - 30 meters waterproof depth
Movement: Manual winding - 36.4 mm x 8.35 mm - 72 hours power reserve - 21,600 vibrations per hour - 37 stones - hours, minutes, small seconds and power reserve indication - seconds to stop - 269 parts.
Strap: Hand-stitched crocodile leather with pin buckle




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