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Richard Mille RM 39-01 Aviation E6-B

Inspired by aeronautics and astronautics, Richard Mille used titanium, carbon nanofibers, orthorhombic aluminum titanate, and ARCAP in the Richard Mille line And tungsten carbide and other materials, so that the aircraft leap from watchmaking to watchmaking. Richard Mille is therefore able to demonstrate the mechanical and aesthetic characteristics of these materials and demonstrate their legitimacy in the world of watchmaking.

RM 39-01 is a direct descendant of the RM 039 aviation watch, an ultra-complex Tourbillon flyback caliber with no less than 1,000 components. The movement is designed as a flight navigator. This highly skilled and skilled watch is a modern interpretation of the equipment vital to any experienced pilot: the E6B taxi rule invented in the United States by Lieutenant Philip Dalton in the 1930s.

The E6B sliding rule has a fixed baffle and a two-way rotating baffle, all labeled with several complex indications. It can be used to read and calculate fuel consumption, time of flight, ground speed, density altitude and wind effects and quickly convert the unit of measure (knots / km / gal / l / ft / kg / lbs). This highly sophisticated baffle takes months to research to ensure easy adjustment and the best visibility of different calculations and results.replica Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar Jewellery Planet AS300.40.AS.AK.A watch

The new RM 39-01 provides pilots with a practical and fast tool that can be used to continuously sequence different durations in different directions. Therefore, they can receive the departure signal from the radio beacon without wasting time and without having to perform extensive operations on the watch. During flight preparation, the E6B slip rule thus remains the most accurate device for determining the required fuel load and density altitude (essential for take-off and landing). E6B slip rules do not require power, even today, it is also very safe pilots flying instruments.

The RM RM2 self-winding movement breaks the heart of the RM 39-01 with UTC and countdown functions, a flyback chronograph, an oversized date at 12 o'clock, a month of display and a variable geometry rotor. It has nearly 620 parts and 62 jewels, power reserve of 50 hours. This caliber is also equipped with a special feature locking mechanism. To prevent the chronograph from starting unexpectedly during flight, Richard Mille designed a locking crown that held the putter and crown in place by turning the dial. Green and red markers indicate whether this is disabled or running.

This new Richard Mille caliber respects all the high standards and norms of Haute Horlogerie thanks to the high level of attention to every detail of the movement and the four-piece set. In short, the RM 39-01 Aviation E6-B is the perfect combination of watchmaking and aviation.



RICHARD MILLE RM 59-01 Yohan Blake Tourbillon limited edition

Luxury watch brand RICHARD MILLE developed a special timepiece for Yohan Blake, the medalist for the 2012 London Olympics, and one of the fastest sprinters in the world.

Yohan Blake is a brand partner since July 2012 with a prototype of the Richard Mille Tourbillon on his wrist. He provided a true test venue that enabled Richard Mille's engineers to define watch specifications designed specifically for athletics. Yohan Blake and Richard Mille have developed a special caliber for sprinters around the world. Mission accomplished with RM 59-01 Yohan Blake, an aerodynamic, ergonomic and high performance tourbillon watch with very original structure to suit all sprinter and brand requirements.

RM 59-01 is impressive because its dynamic bridge is very active and evokes the nickname "Yohan Blake." Aluminum, magnesium, silicon and lead alloy machined from Pb109 aluminum alloy that supports the tourbillon carrier and center pinion while holding the five-stage titanium substrate assembly to the housing. They are also eloxed (by anodizing) and hand-painted green and yellow, both of which also appear on the aluminum flange tribute to the Jamaican flag - and in honor of Yohan devon watch replica

RM 59-01 Equipped with hollow hand-wound tourbillon movement, vibration frequency of 21,600 times per hour, power reserve of about 48 hours. It offers the best performance / regularity / power reserve ratio, provided by a combination of Grade 5 Titanium and Corrosion Resistant Aluminum PB109, optimized ride balance and variable inertia balance.

RM 59-01 Yohan Blake's highly innovative case study is a new interpretation of the design of pubs favored by Richard Mille. It has a surprising thickness and extends the taper between 2 o'clock and 5 o'clock to prevent the torque-limiting crown from rubbing against Yohan Blake's wrists, making it extremely comfortable to wear. It is made of translucent composite material filled with carbon nanotubes.

Because of its translucent character, the full complexity of caliber can be appreciated through the case. RM 59-01 has a strong identity that reinforces its remarkable accomplishments in the collection. Its design and architecture reflect the personality of the sprinter John Black, whose performance and unexpected innovations underscore Richard Miller's ambition to come up with more and more technical and spectacular products.

RM 59-01 Yohan Blake Tourbillon Limited edition of 50 watches.

technical details
Model: RM 59-01 Yohan Blake Tourbillon, limited edition of 50 pieces.

CALIBER RM59-01: Manually winds up Tourbillon in hours and minutes.

Power reserve: Approximately 48 hours (± 10%).

main feature
Skeletonized Titanium Substrate: The substrate has been finished with Grade 5 titanium, a biocompatible, highly corrosion-resistant and very hard alloy that allows the gear train function to work effortlessly. The alloy is 90% titanium, 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium. This combination further increases its mechanical properties, which explains its frequent use in the aviation, aerospace and automotive industries. Hollow floors and bridges have been rigorously and completely validated to optimize their hyt skull watch replica

Anticorodal PB109 Aluminum Bridge: This aluminum alloy consists of aluminum, magnesium, silicon and lead. It offers great flexibility and improved shock resistance. Its green coloration is achieved through the use of anodizing. This forms a layer of crystals that retain the green dye. The yellow part of the bridge is hand painted.

Free Spring Balance of Variable Inertia: The free spring balance of variable inertia and terminal curve springs ensures greater reliability during crash and move assembly and disassembly, so better timing results can be obtained over time .

Quickly rotate the bucket (6 hours per revolution instead of 7.5 hours)
This bucket has the following advantages:
- Internal mainspring adhesion weakens cyclically, performance is improved,
- Provides a good mainspring triangle curve with the ideal power reserve / performance and regularity ratio.

Roller pawl gradually recoils: This unit achieves significant winding gain (about 20%), especially at the beginning of winding. It also helps to distribute the internal tension of the mainspring evenly.

Coiled drum teeth with central involute profile and three-wheeled pinion: The roller with a central unfolded profile and a pressure angle of 20 ° promotes rolling motion more effectively, compensating for differences between centers, ensuring superior torque transfer and clear Performance improvement.

Five spline screws for bridges: These screws provide better control of the screw torque. They are also pretty much unaffected by physical operations during assembly and disassembly.

Other features
- Sport size: 30.50 mm x 28.70 mm
- Thickness: 5.20 mm
- Tourbillon diameter: 10.90 mm
- Wheel Diameter: 9.12 mm
- Number of jewels: 19
- Balance wheel: Glucydur, 2 arms and 4 setscrews, moment of inertia 11.50 mg.cm2, lifting angle 53 °
- Frequency: 21,600 vph (3 Hz)
- Balance spring: ELINVAR byNivarox®
- Impact protection: KIF ELASTOR KE 160 B28
- Sleeve shaft on nickel-free Chronifer (DIN X 46 Cr 13 + S) with the following features: Stainless steel - Non-magnetic - Tempering

RM 59-01 The case is made of translucent composite material impregnated with carbon nanotubes, providing perfect shock protection for the movement and central tourbillon. Carbon nanotubes are extremely resistant (200 times stronger than steel) and very light. They are more impact resistant than carbon fibers due to their structure, with a special surface / volume ratio. The nanotubes are injected into a mold containing a green-yellow polymer. This gave the final shape and translucency of the case. The shape pulled out between 2 and 5 o'clock prevents the torque limit crown from rubbing the sprinter's handle. Size: 50.24 x 42.70 x 15.84 mm.

Three-way case watertight 30 meters, guaranteed by two Nitril O-rings. Shell by the 5 titanium 20 spline screws and 316L stainless steel wear washers assembled.

Grade 5 Titanium Spline Screw: This gives better control of the torque applied to the screw during assembly. Therefore, these screws are not affected by physical operations during assembly or disassembly and are not subject to aging.

Torque limiting crown: This extra safety system prevents accidental winding, which can damage the winding stem or exert extreme pressure on the replica HUBLOT BIG BANG SKULL WATCHES

Internal flange: aluminum upper flange and 5 titanium lower flanges.

- Frame: sapphire (1800 Vickers), anti-glare coating (both sides)
- Thickness: 1,50 mm
- Back: sapphire anti-glare coating (both sides)
- Thickness: 1.20 mm center and 1.95 mm, on the outer edge

sort out
- Substrate in 5-grade titanium alloy microblasted PVD treatment
- Microblasted bridge in Pb109 aluminum, eloxed and hand painted
- Manual grinding chamfer
- Microblasted grinding section
- Stretch the upper surface
- Polished sink

Steel parts
- Brushed and microcracked surfaces
- Hand polished bevel
- long trip
- Long stroke on both sides
- Polished sink

Contour turning
- Polished and lapped ends
- polished pivot

- Concave chamfer with diamond tool
- Round decoration on the front surface
- bronzing (before cutting teeth)
- Minimize wheel alignment to maintain its geometry and overall performance



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